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WESTERN PART (February 16 - March 02)

Kiev  Luhansk  Rostov-on-Don  Krasnodar  Ufa  Magnitogorsk  Atyrau  Aktau

We are glad to invite you to take part in our new Road Show Spring 2010.

Please note that the fair will include 3 countries of Ex-USSR - Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and 2 new ones.

It includes such cities as Kiev (Ukraine) - Luhansk (Ukraine) - Rostov-on-Don (Russia) - Krasnodar (Russia) - Ufa (Russia) - Magnitogorsk (Russia) - Atyrau (Kazakhstan) - Aktau (Kazakhstan)

Before making the decision about participation we would like briefly describe the cities to be visited:

1) Kiev is the capital of the Ukraine with the population of more than 3 million people and is the biggest city of the country. For the first time in the history of Road Shows well conduct the SI Educational Fair for two days in a row in the city. In Kiev we have the head office for Ukraine with a well-trained and experienced staff providing all other Ukrainian representatives with the support and assistance in students recruitment.

2) Luhansk is one of the biggest cities in Donbass region (region of coal extraction and coal process industry) in Ukraine with the population of 516 000 people. The most dynamic and developing companies of coal process industry in Luhansk are "Luhanskugol" and "Atlantis". The city is also famous in Ukraine as a big centre of mechanical engineering industry and light industry. The increasing number of requests and students sent for studies abroad for the last year gave us the idea to conduct a fair in the city.

3) Rostov-on-Don is considered as the capital of the South of Russia with the population of more than 1 million people. In the city we have one of the oldest and one of the most experienced representative offices of SI. The staff of SI Rostov-on-Don has visited almost all the countries which are the main destinations for study abroad programs. Moreover, there is a British visa centre covering for South of Russia Also, there is an airport with both domestic and international flights carried out.

4) Krasnodar is one of the biggest cities of the Southern Administrative Region in Russia with the population of more than 720 000 people. It is one of the main agricultural centres in Russia. There are many universities and polytechnic institutes in Krasnodar. As one of the attractive point, the close distance (2 hours by car) to Sochi can be equally considered. Sochi 2014 will host the next Winter Olympic Games after Vancouver 2010.

5) Ufa is the capital of Bashkortostan republic. The city is considered as the biggest centre of petroleum process industry with the population of 1 million people. The government of Bashkortostan pursues an active educational policy and successfully grants with scholarships for studies abroad young university graduates or young specialists holding BA degrees for their further studies in MA programs. Last year the SI Company sent more than 30 students granted with the scholarships to Great Britain, Canada and Australia.

6) Magnitogorsk presents one of the main cities in the so-called "metallurgical" region by the biggest metal smelting plant. The population of the city is about 500 000 people. Usually we get many students for academic programs both for undergraduate and postgraduate ones as well as many students (mostly, high school and university students) for summer language courses from our representative office in the city.

7) Atyrau is the city known as "oil capital" of Kazakhstan. The population of the city is just about 200 000 people, but the potential is very high. As the city is well-known as the oil capital, this status permits to a lot of international companies to be located in the city. Furthermore, there is the biggest University of Oil and Gas Industry of Kazakhstan in the city.

8) Aktau is the biggest port of Kazakhstan at Caspian sea with the population of more than 300 000 people, and also the centre of gas and petroleum process industry. The oil and gas industry has led the city to the project Aktau City that is supposed to make the city as one of the main industrial and financial centres of Kazakhstan.

Please also note that in all of those cities we have our offices or our partners who will be responsible for the "follow-up procedure after the event.

The cost of participation includes rent of exhibition venues, accommodation at hotels (single room, B&B), SI Gala Dinner in each city, airport transfers, interpreting and advertisement.

The cost for taking part in every city is (in EURO):

  • Kiev - 1,380.00
  • Luhansk - 870 .00
  • Rostov-on-Don - 1,080.00
  • Krasnodar - 1,070.00
  • Ufa - 1,050.00
  • Magnitogorsk - 1,060.00
  • Atyrau - 990.00
  • Aktau 1,190.00

    Please, note that the prices for the tickets are the matter of change. We will let you know the exact prices for domestic tickets after them to get issued.

    Please, find the APPROX cost of transportation below (in EURO):
    Kiev Luhansk 150 (by air)
    Luhansk Rostov-on-Don 50 (by bus)
    Rostov-on-Don Krasnodar 80 (by bus)
    Krasnodar Ufa (via Moscow) -190 (by air)
    Ufa Magnitogorsk 80 (by bus)
    Magnitogorsk Moscow 150 (by air)
    Moscow Atyrau 330 (by air)
    Atyrau Aktau 95 (by air)
    Aktau Moscow 240 (by air)

    Please, advise what cities you are going to take part in. You are more than welcome to represent your educational institution in each of the cities, or optionally you can choose the most interesting ones for you on the topic of more successful recruitment. We kindly ask you to confirm your decision to join our Road Show by January 10, 2010.
    Please, note that in March - April we will arrange another traditional Road Show in the Far East of Russia. The information about this event is available on our web-site

    Thank you in advance for your assistance and hope to see you soon!

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