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The Winter 2014 SI-Road Show

Krasnodar Rostov-on-Don Volgograd Kazan Moscow Perm Ufa Kiev Odessa Luhansk Donetsk Dnepropetrovsk

Students International is pleased to announce that the registration for the Western Leg of the SI Road Show 2014 is now opened!

We are happy to officially invite you become a part of this exciting event.

In the Western leg of Road Show 2014 you will have an opportunity to choose the most convenient option from 12 cities in Russia and Ukraine. This time we included Moscow into our itinerary:

1) Krasnodar is one of the biggest cities of the Southern Administrative Region in Russia with the population of more than 720 000 people. It is one of the main agricultural centres in Russia. There are many universities and polytechnic institutes in Krasnodar. As one of the attractive point, the close distance (2 hours by car) to Sochi, where the Winter Olympic Games start in a few days!

2) Rostov-on-Don is considered as the capital of the South of Russia with the population of more than 1 million people. In the city we have one of the oldest and one of the most experienced representative offices of SI. The staff of SI Rostov-on-Don has visited almost all the countries which are the main destinations for study abroad programs. Moreover, there is a British visa centre covering for South of Russia Also, there is an airport with both domestic and international flights carried out.

3) Volgograd is one of the main industrial cities in the Southern part of Russia. The population of the city consists of 1 million people. Modern Volgograd remains an important industrial city. Industries include shipbuilding, oil refining, steel and aluminum production, manufacture of machinery and vehicles, and chemical production. A large Volgograd Hydroelectric Plant stands a short distance to the north of Volgograd.

4) Kazan is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. With a population of 1,143,535, it is the eighth most populous city in Russia. In April 2009, the Russian Patent Office granted Kazan the right to brand itself as the "Third Capital" of Russia. Kazan is one of the largest industrial and financial centers of Russia, and a leading city of the Volga economic region in construction and accumulated investment. City's Gross Regional Product had reached 380 billion rubles in 2011. In summer 2013 Kazan hosted the Universiade!

5) Moscow is the capital of Russia and its largest city. The population of Moscow is about 15 million people. Moscow is ranked the 4th most expensive city in the world. The Forbes magazine gives Moscow the 1st place for dollar billionaires (79 people). Moscow is the vibrant centre for Russian business, banking and culture. There are offices of almost all multinational companies in Moscow. In Moscow there are embassies and consulates of almost all the countries in the world. No other city in Russia can boast such numbers of educational institutions - there are 1727 secondary schools and 264 universities and institutes.

6) Perm is a city and the administrative center of Perm Krai, Russia, located on the banks of the Kama River in the European part of Russia near the Ural Mountains. Perm is a scientific center; some of the scientific institutes are combined in the Perm Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As of the 2010 Census, the city was the thirteenth most populous in Russia.

7) Ufa is the capital of Bashkortostan republic. The city is considered as the biggest centre of petroleum process industry with the population of 1 million people. The government of Bashkortostan pursues an active educational policy and successfully grants with scholarships for studies abroad young university graduates or young specialists holding BA degrees for their further studies in MA programs.

8) Dnepropetrovsk is one of the Ukraine's largest cities, with about one million inhabitants.It is located southeast of Ukraine's capital Kiev. Dnepropetrovsk is a major industrial centre of Ukraine. It has several facilities devoted to heavy industry that produce a wide range of products, including cast-iron, rolled metal, pipes, machinery, different mining combines, agricultural equipment, tractors, trolleybuses, refrigerators, different chemicals and many others

9) Donetsk is a large city in eastern Ukraine on the Kalmius river. Administratively, it is a center of Donetsk Oblast, while historically, it is the unofficial capital and largest city of the economic and cultural Donets Basin (Donbass) region. Donetsk currently has a population of over 982.000 inhabitants (2010)[3] and has a metropolitan area of over 1,566,000 inhabitants (2004). According to the 2001 Ukrainian Census, Donetsk is the fifth-largest city in Ukraine

10) Luhansk is one of the biggest cities in Donbass region (region of coal extraction and coal process industry) in Ukraine with the population of 516 000 people. The most dynamic and developing companies of coal process industry in Luhansk are "Luhanskugol" and "Atlantis". The city is also famous in Ukraine as a big centre of mechanical engineering industry and light industry. The increasing number of requests and students sent for studies abroad for the last year gave us the idea to conduct a fair in the city.

11) Odessa is the administrative center of the Odessa Oblast located in southern Ukraine. The city is a major seaport located on the northwest shore of the Black Sea and the fourth largest city in Ukraine with a population of 1,029,000.

Students International has offices or long-standing partners in all those cities, who will be responsible for the "follow-up procedure after the event.

The cost of participation (quoted in EURO) includes rent of exhibition venues, accommodation at hotels (single room, B&B), SI Gala Dinner in each city, airport transfers, interpreting and advertising:

  • Krasnodar 1085 EUR
  • Rostov-on-Don 1275 EUR
  • Volgograd 1110 EUR
  • Kazan 1115 EUR
  • Moscow 1250 EUR (accommodation paid extra)
  • Perm 1075 EUR
  • Ufa 1210 EUR
  • Odessa 970 EUR
  • Luhansk 750 EUR
  • Donetsk 890 EUR
  • Dnepropetrovsk 940 EUR

Please find below the approximate costs of transportation between the cities:

  • Krasnodar - Rostov-on-Don - 70 EUR (by bus)
  • Rostov-on-Don - Volgograd - 90 EUR
  • Volgograd - Kazan (via Moscow) - 200 EUR
  • Kazan - Moscow - 110 EUR
  • Moscow - Perm - 130 EUR
  • Perm - Ufa - 90 EUR (by bus)
  • Ufa - Moscow - 120 EUR

Please also note that there are such participation options as unmanned stands and second participant. The costs of these options can be negotiated individually.

We expect high interest and good attendance numbers from potential students, and believe that your participation will be rewarding and enjoyable.

We would be extremely grateful if you could return the fully and carefully completed registration form by no later than December 20th, 2014 to to the attention of Natalia Zhdanikova, Event Coordinator. Application forms received after December 20th will be considered on the basis of spots availability.

We look forward to seeing you at our Road Show Trips.

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