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SI Road Show Russia West + East 2016

Students International is pleased to announce that the registration is now open for Road Show 2016.

The Road Show consists of two parts: Western part and Eastern part. One tour starts right after the other.

You are welcome to customize your trip according to your time availability and marketing priorities: you may travel with us through all the cities or you may start and finish wherever you like (e.g. join us in Rostov-on-Don and finish in Novosibirsk)

26 cities across Russia are available for you as Road Show locations:

Date Location Why you should go Participation fee
23.01.16 St. Petersburg Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia, politically incorporated as a federal subject (a federal city). It is located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. Saint Petersburg is often described as the most Western city of Russia, as well as its cultural capital. It is the northernmost city in the world to have a population of over five million. The Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Saint Petersburg is also home to The Hermitage, one of the largest art museums in the world. A large number of foreign consulates, international corporations, banks, and other businesses are located in Saint Petersburg. As of 2006/2007 there were 1024 kindergartens, 716 public schools and 80 vocational schools in Saint Petersburg. The largest of the public higher education institutions is Saint Petersburg State University, enrolling approximately 32,000 undergraduate students. 1230 EUR
24.01.16 Moscow Moscow is the capital of Russia and its largest city. The population of Moscow is about 15 million people. Moscow is ranked the 4th most expensive city in the world. The Forbes magazine gives Moscow the 1st place for dollar billionaires (79 people). Moscow is the vibrant centre for Russian business, banking and culture. There are offices of almost all multinational companies in Moscow. In Moscow there are embassies and consulates of almost all the countries in the world. No other city in Russia can boast such numbers of educational institutions - there are 1727 secondary schools and 264 universities and institutes. 1380 EUR
27.01.16 Kazan Kazan is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. With a population of 1,143,535, it is the eighth most populous city in Russia. In April 2009, the Russian Patent Office granted Kazan the right to brand itself as the "Third Capital" of Russia. Kazan is one of the largest industrial and financial centers of Russia, and a leading city of the Volga economic region in construction and accumulated investment. City's Gross Regional Product had reached 380 billion rubles in 2011. In summer 2013 Kazan hosted the Universiade! 990 EUR
27.01.16 Essentuki Essentuki is located at the base of the Caucasus Mountains. It is considered the cultural capital of Russia's Greek population and even today towards ten percent of its population is of Greek descent. 990 EUR
27.01.16 Novorossiysk Novorossiysk is the country's main port on the Black Sea and the leading Russian port for exporting grain. It is one of the few cities honored with the title of the Hero City. 990 EUR
27.01.16 Perm Perm is a city and the administrative center of Perm Krai, Russia, located on the banks of the Kama River in the European part of Russia near the Ural Mountains. Perm is a scientific center; some of the scientific institutes are combined in the Perm Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As of the 2010 Census, the city was the thirteenth most populous in Russia. 990 EUR
28.01.16 Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod is an important economic, transportation, scientific, educational and cultural center in Russia and the vast Volga-Vyatka economic region. It is the main center of river tourism in Russia. In the historic part of the city there is a large number of universities, theaters, museums and churches. 990 EUR
28.01.16 Stavropol Stavropol is situated in the North Caucasus. Stavropol was founded in 1777 as a fortress. A presen-day Stavropol is young and beautiful. Wide streets, spacious squares, multi storeyed blocks of houses and offices add to the beauty of the town. Stavropol in summer is one big park full of flowers. You can see a wonderful view of Stavropol from Komsomolskaya Gorka. It's a monument to Russian soldiers who died so that we might live. 990 EUR
28.01.16 Krasnodar Krasnodar is one of the biggest cities of the Southern Administrative Region in Russia with the population of more than 720 000 people. It is one of the main agricultural centres in Russia. There are many universities and polytechnic institutes in Krasnodar. As one of the attractive point, the close distance (2 hours by car) to Sochi, where the Winter Olympic Games took place in February 2014! 990 EUR
28.01.16 Chelyabinsk Today the city of Chelyabinsk represents one of the Russian million-plus cities (1100 thousand people). It is one of the largest industrial centres of the country with a total area about 550 square kilometres. Rapid growth of Chelyabinsk and its formation as an industrial city begun in the period of Great Patriotic War during which Chelyabinsk carried the legendary name "Tankograd". In 1958 Chelyabinsk became the administrative centre of the region. Today Chelyabinsk is a large traffic centre in which the goods traffics of Asia and Europe meet. The Chelyabinsk railway station is one of the largest ones in Russia. 990 EUR
30.01.16 Rostov-on-Don Rostov-on-Don is considered as the capital of the South of Russia with the population of more than 1 million people. In the city we have one of the oldest and one of the most experienced representative offices of SI. The staff of SI Rostov-on-Don has visited almost all the countries which are the main destinations for study abroad programs. Moreover, there is a British visa centre covering for South of Russia Also, there is an airport with both domestic and international flights carried out 1150 EUR
31.01.16 Volgograd Volgograd is one of the main industrial cities in the Southern part of Russia. The population of the city consists of 1 million people. Modern Volgograd remains an important industrial city. Industries include shipbuilding, oil refining, steel and aluminum production, manufacture of machinery and vehicles, and chemical production. A large Volgograd Hydroelectric Plant stands a short distance to the north of Volgograd. 1050 EUR
02.02.16 Ufa Ufa is the capital of Bashkortostan republic. The city is considered as the biggest centre of petroleum process industry with the population of 1 million people. The government of Bashkortostan pursues an active educational policy and successfully grants with scholarships for studies abroad young university graduates or young specialists holding BA degrees for their further studies in MA programs. 1150 EUR
04.02.16 Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg is a center of the Ural region. It is one of the principal transport hubs of the Russian Federation, as well as a large industrial center. It was founded in the early 18th century by an order of Peter the Great. Its population is about 1.4 million people. 1190 EUR
06.02.16 Novosibirsk Novosibirsk is the third most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg and the most populous city in Asian Russia, with a population of 1,473,754 (2010 Census). It is the administrative center of Novosibirsk Oblast as well as of Siberian Federal District. Novosibirsk is a large industrial center. The industrial complex consists of 214 large and average sized industrial enterprises. These produce more than two thirds of all industrial output of the Novosibirsk region. Leading industries are the electric power industry, gas supply, water supply, metallurgy, metal working, and mechanical engineering. 1190 EUR
08.02.16 Tomsk Tomsk is a university town. Today Tomsk has a population of around 500,000, of which every sixth person is a student, coming from all over Siberia, Central Asia and even the European part of Russia. Due to this fact, Tomsk probably has a bigger proportion of foreign language speakers 990 EUR
08.02.16-09.02.16 Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk is the biggest centre in Eastern Siberia of economic and cultural importance and a highly developed industrial centre of Russia. The population of the city has reached the population of 1 000 000 people. The leading sectors of the industry are metallurgy, mechanical engineering, transport engineering, chemical engineering, commerce and services. There are more than 17 000 enterprises, concerns and companies; an international airport and a river port. 1200 EUR
08.02.16 Ulan-Ude Ulan-Ude is the capital of Buryatia (an administrative republic in Russia) and has the population of 373 000 people, it's a one of the biggest cities of Siberia region in Russia. High economic results of the city have been obtained with the development of forestry industry, power engineering and mostly of gold and other minerals extraction and process industry. Also, the state project of Recreation Area on the lakeshore of Baikal is being conducted by local government and looks very attractive for further economic development of the city. We have been conducting educational fairs in Ulan-Ude for more than 7 years and we always fix the biggest number of visitors compared to other cities. 990 EUR
10.02.16 Yakutsk Yakutsk is a city in the Russian Far East, located about 4 (450 kilometers) south of the Arctic Circle. It is the capital of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic (formerly the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic), Russia and a major port on the Lena River. The city has a population of 210,642. The city has offices of many mining companies, including ALROSA, whose diamond mines in Yakutia account for about 20% of the world's rough diamond output 1200 EUR
10.02.16 Barnaul Barnaul was founded in the XVIII century as a center of silver and copper mining, and has a population of over 600,000.Barnaul is an important industrial center of Western Siberia. There are more than 100 industrial enterprises in the city, employing approximately 120 thousand people. Leading industries in the city work with diesel and carbon processing. 990 EUR
10.02.16 Irkutsk Irkutsk is one of the economically important cities in Siberian region of Russia. With the population of 600 000 people it is one of the biggest cities and moreover a very important place of commercial relations with China. The most developing sectors of industry in the city are manufacturing of transports and food industry. Moreover, Irkutsk is an educational centre of Eastern Siberia with a great amount of higher educational institutions. Finally, the city is known for its vast resort area on the lakeshore of Baikal that is becoming more popular among foreign tourists. In the city we have one of the oldest representative offices of SI with a well-trained staff. The annual increase in recruited students in Irkutsk has shown a dynamic development of the office activity and a great importance of conducting an educational fair in the city. 990 EUR
13.02.16 Khabarovsk Khabarovsk is often called "the capital city of Far East". It has the population of 600 000 people. The most developing industries in the city and in Khabarovsk region are chemical engineering, ship building. It is also a city through which Russia gets most of products and items imported from China. There is a big international airport in the city carrying out convenient flights, for instance, to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand via Seoul, Korea. There are more than 20 Universities in Khabarovsk. SI Khabarovsk office has been working more than 10 years. Moreover, the SI Khabarovsk office has been enlarged in staff number due to a growing number of students willing to study abroad. Traditionally, SI students from Khabarovsk sent for studies abroad assist in educational fairs sharing their great experience with potential students. 1390 EUR
14.02.16 Vladivostok Vladivostok is a port city on the Pacific coast of Russia, the main gate to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and other Asian and Pacific countries and consequently it has achieved significant commercial relations with the countries named earlier. The population of the city consists of more than 1 000 000 people. The most developed industries in the city are ship building, fish and sea food industry, civil engineering. Vladivostok exports ships, sea food, ferrous metals abroad. In 2012 the city hosted APEC Summit with leaders of foreign countries. Also, there is a US Visa Consulate in the city. The SI office in Vladivostok is one of the first offices founded as a representative one of SI in the Far Eastern region. Moreover, the SI office in Vladivostok is an official IELTS testing centre in Russia. 1590 EUR
16.02.16 Magadan Magadan is a port city on the North Eastern part of Russia with the population of more than 100 000 people. The chief sectors of city industry are fishery and the gold extraction and process industry. With the help of the SI representative office in Magadan we have been conducting fairs for 5 years. The event has already proved to be very efficient on the topic of a rising number of students from the city. The staff of the office always takes an active part in SI trainings for agents and successfully recruits students for academic programs and language courses abroad. 990 EUR
16.02.16 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy is considered as the most faraway city which is located on Kamchatka peninsula, but from economic point of view it has a great importance for Russia. The population of the city is 195 000 people. Kamchatka has got the hugest coefficient of the fish and sea food industry in Russia. it is successfully exported to Japan, South Korea and China mostly. Also Kamchatka has unique natural resorts that attract more and more tourists from all over the world. 990 EUR
16.02.16 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is one the most important cities located on the Sakhalin Island in the Far Eastern region of Russia. The population of the city is 200 000 people. In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk there is a Head Office of the Holding "Sakhalin Energy", the biggest company of power engineering in the Eastern part of Russia. Being a region of rich oil and gas fields, Sakhalin contains a lot of international companies involved. The SI office in Sakhalin is one of the leading offices in Russia; the staff is well-trained and much experienced in recruitment of students, in conducting SI fairs and mostly in drawing on potential clients attention to the event. 990 EUR

SI participation package includes:

  • Accommodation in a hotel single room, Bed and Breakfast (number of nights is according to the general itinerary)
  • Gala dinners in all cities after the Fair
  • Place at the Fairs Venue
  • Advertising in mass media
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Interpreter and security

The approximate costs of transportation between the cities of the Western part are as follows:

  • Saint Petersburg Moscow - 65 euro (by train)
  • Moscow Kazan - 90 euro (by plane)
  • Kazan Nizhniy Novgorod - 90 euro (by train)
  • Nizhniy Novgorod Moscow Rostov-on-Don - 155 euro (by plane)
  • Moscow Mineralnye Vody (Essentuki) - 75 euro (by plane)
  • Essentuki Stavropol - 50 euro (by bus)
  • Stavropol Rostov-on-Don - 70 euro (by bus)
  • Moscow Anapa (Novorossiysk) - 95 euro (by plane)
  • Novorossiysk Krasnodar - 50 euro (by bus)
  • Krasnodar Rostov-on-Don - 70 euro (by bus)
  • Moscow Perm - 90 euro (by plane)
  • Perm Chelyabinsk - 60 euro (by train)
  • Chelyabinsk Moscow Rostov-on-Don - 210 euro (by plane)
  • Rostov-on-Don Volgograd - 90 euro (by bus)

TThe approximate costs of transportation between the cities of the Eastern part are as follows:

  • Moscow Ufa - 85 euro (by plane)
  • Volgograd Ufa (via Moscow) - 150 euro (by plane)
  • Ufa Yekaterinburg (via Moscow) - 200 euro (by plane)
  • Yekaterinburg Novosibirsk - 130 euro (by plane)
  • Novosibirsk Tomsk - 80 euro (by bus)
  • Tomsk Barnaul - 155 euro (by bus)
  • Barnaul - Novosibirsk - 80 euro (by bus)
  • Novosibirsk Krasnoyarsk - 100 euro (by train)
  • Krasnoyarsk Khabarovsk - 215 euro (by plane)
  • Novosibirsk Yakutsk - 220 euro (by plane)
  • Yakutsk Khabarovsk 245 euro (by plane)
  • Novosibirsk Irkutsk - 120 (by plane)
  • Irkutsk Ulan-Ude - 65 euro (by train)
  • Ulan-Ude Irkutsk - 65 euro (by train)
  • Irkutsk Khabarovsk - 175 euro (by plane)
  • Khabarovsk Vladivostok - 90 euro (by train)
  • Vladivostok Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy - 210 euro (by plane)
  • Vladivostok Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - 145 euro (by plane)
  • Vladivostok Magadan - 180 euro (by plane)


Date City Hotel Venue (if different) Contact number
Jan, 23
St. Petersburg Hotel Astoria
Bolshaya Morskaya Street 39
8921 56 56 056
Jan, 24
Moscow Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel
2 Europe Square
8985 710 87 08
Jan, 27
starts in 16.00
Kazan Hotel Riviera
1 Fatykha Amirhana Street
8905 318 04 04
Jan, 27
starts in 16.00
Essentuki Plaza Essentuki
1B Internacionalnaya Street
8928 347 37 22
Jan, 27
starts in 18.00
Novorossiysk Hotel Novorossiysk
2 Isaev Street
8918 484 30 15
Jan, 28
starts in 16.00
Nizhniy Novgorod Hotel Diplomat
26 B. Pecherskaya street
World Trade Center
8 Kovalikhinskaya Street
8904 787 02 09
Jan, 28
starts in 16.00
Stavropol EuroHotel
1 Marshala Zhukova street
267 Mira Street, office 308 8928 301 03 33
Jan, 28
starts in 18.00
Krasnodar Hotel Intourist
109 Krasnaya Street
8918 628 76 96
Jan, 30
Rostov-on-Don Congress-Hotel Don Plaza
115 Bolshaya Sadovaya Street
8928 607 30 78
Jan, 31
Volgograd Hampton by Hilton
13 Profsoyuznaya Street
8960 881 93 10


Date City Hotel Venue (if different) Contact number
Feb, 02
Ufa Sheraton Ufa Hotel
7 Tsyurupy Street
8917 769 95 90
Feb, 04
Yekaterinburg Atrium Palace Hotel
44 Kuybusheva Street
Hotel Onegin,
49 Roza Lyuksembourg
8 912 202 50 20
Feb, 06
Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Marriott Hotel
Ordzhonikidze 31
8913 934 15 41
Feb, 08
Tomsk Hotel Bon Apart
1 Gertsena Street
Dom Uchenykh,
45 Sovetskaya Street
8 952 179 36 61
Feb, 09
starts in 16.00
Krasnoyarsk Hotel Krasnoyarsk
94 Uritskogo Street
8902 927 31 22
Feb, 08
starts in 16.00
Ulan-Ude Hotel Baykal
12 Erbanov Street
National Library,
4 Erbanov Street
8 902 564 63 57
Feb, 10
Barnaul Hotel Ulitka
60 Korolenko Street
Altai business incubator
19, Malo-Tobolskaya street
8 902 998 26 90
Feb, 10
starts in 16.00
Yakutsk Polyarnaya Zvezda Hotel
24 Lenin Prospect
8 914 272 05 20
Feb, 10
starts in 16.00
Irkutsk Hotel Courtyard Marriott
15 Chkalov Street
8 964 118 80 94
Feb, 13
Khabarovsk Hotel Intourist
2 Amurskiy Boulevard
8 914 543 68 39
Sergey / Varvara
Feb, 14
Vladivostok Hotel Hyundai
29 Semenovskaya Street
8 914 791 48 28
Feb, 16
starts in 19.00
Magadan Golden House
1 Transportnaya Street
Palace of Child and Youth Creativity,
22Parkovaya Street
8 914 851 77 78
Feb, 16
P-K Hotel Petropavlovsk
31A Karla Marksa Street
Regional science library,
33/1 Karla Marksa Street
8 914 628 08 22
Feb, 16
starts in 18.00
Y-S Pacific Plaza Sakhalin Hotel
172 Prospect Mira
8 914 757 40 00

We would be extremely grateful if you could return the fully and carefully completed registration form(s) by December 14, 2015 to at the attention of Nikolay Patalakha, Event Coordinator.

Application forms received after December 14, 2015 will be considered on the basis of spots availability.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Road Show 2016.

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