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SI-Road ShowJan-Feb, 2019
SI-Road ShowJan-Feb, 2018
SI-Road ShowJan-Feb, 2017
SI-Road ShowJan-Feb, 2016
SI-Road ShowJan, 2015
SI-Road ShowJan, 2014
SI-Road ShowMar, 2014
SI-Road ShowOct, 2013
Western PartJan-Feb, 2013
Eastern Part of RussiaMar, 2013
Western PartJan-Feb, 2012
Eastern Part of RussiaMar-Apr, 2012
Western PartFeb, 2011
Eastern Part of RussiaMar-Apr, 2011
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Agent SeminarOct, 2018
Agent SeminarOct, 2017
Agent SeminarOct, 2016
Agent SeminarOct, 2015
Agent SeminarOct, 2014
Agent SeminarOct, 2013
Agent SeminarOct, 2012
Agent SeminarNov, 2011
Agent SeminarOct, 2010
Agent Seminar Dec, 2008, Nov, 2009


Eastern Part Road ShowApr, 2010
Western Part Road ShowFeb, 2010
Eastern Part Road ShowSep, 2009
Eastern Part Road ShowApr, 2009
Eastern Part Road ShowFeb, 2009
Eastern Part Road ShowOct, 2008
Eastern Part of RussiaApr, 2008
Western PartFeb, 2008
Eastern Part of RussiaOct, 2007
Eastern Part of RussiaApr, 2007
Western PartFeb, 2007
Education Abroad in RussiaSep, 2006
Education Abroad in RussiaMar, 2006
Education Abroad in RussiaFeb, 2006
Education in New ZealandApr, 2005
Education Abroad ExhibitionMar, 2005
Education in CanadaFeb, 2005
Study in New ZealandMar, 2003
Education AbroadFeb, 2003
Education in CanadaApr, 2002
New Zealand EducationMar, 2002


Russia and Ukraine
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STUDENTS INTERNATIONAL your pass in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

International (SI) is an international group of companies (consulting, recruiting, marketing), which was founded in 1992.

SI has the biggest agencies network 45 offices, representatives and partners in various cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Vietnam.

SI sends more than 3000 students abroad each year. We work with more than 300 partner educational institutions in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States and many other countries.

Our company constantly participates in major international conferences, trainings and workshops: ICEF, ALPHE, StudyWorld, IALC, IELTS, etc

Moreover, Students International conducts its own promotional RoadShows across Russia annually. Please, refer to

Since 2001 Students International Ltd is registered as an official IELTS Test Centre in Russia. SI IELTS Test Center arranges IELTS test sessions in more than 30 cities across Russia and Ukraine. To learn more visit: and

Students International works with more than 150 universities and schools in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

We publish specialized promotional brochures in Russian: Education in Canada, Education in Europe, Education in Australia and Education in New Zealand.

SI is your reliable and up-and-coming partner!

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Oleg Stepanenko,
General director, SI

SI offers educational opportunities available in Australia, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Malta and other European countries, Japan and China. We have long-term partner relations with more than 100 best overseas language schools, vocational colleges, institutes of studies and universities in many countries of the world. Anyway we are still eager to expand our partnership and are open for co-operation with new educational institutions. We have good reputation and excellent operational liaison with the embassies and diplomatic missions issuing visas to our clients.


Students International Students International Ukraine
Russia 115054, Moscow,
St. Schipok, 20
Office 301 - 308
Ukraine 01133, Kiev,
14/1 Mechnikova str.,
Office 519
Tel.: +7 495 956-15-76 Tel.: +38 044 238-25-25