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Nathan Duggins,
Colorado State University / USA

"The SI roadshow is a great way to connect with students on a personal, one-on-one basis. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about various institutions from all over the world. I would recommend these events to any student looking to discover a wide array of academic opportunities that are available to them."

Jarrod Ferguson,
Regional Manager (Europe) | Education + Training International / AUSTRALIA

"This was my first event with Students International. The event and agent training seminars were well organised and the company took care of everything, which made it an easy and enjoyable experience. I look forward to working with them again in future."

Tatiana Zaytseva,
Marketing Coordinator – Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan / ILSC Education Group / Canada

"I've heard a lot about famous Road Shows organized by SI. In October 2013 I had a chance to participate in one of them. It was an amazing experience and a great opportunity to meet potential students and their parents as well as an excellent venue for exchange on professional level with colleagues from other educational institutions. I'd like to thank SI team for exceptional organization of the educational fair. Thank you for the opportunity to promote ILSC. We at ILSC look forward to a continuing cooperation with the Students International team."

Natalia Shustova,
International Recruitment officer / European University / International

"We've been attending SI Road Show in Russia for 5 years and it's definitely one of the best organized fairs we attend. The number and quality of visitors attending the fairs together with highly professional work of SI team make this event very successful, effective and pleasant to participate in."

Svetlana Balaba,
Centennial college / International Education Office / Canada

"I would like to thank Students International team for well planed and organized road show 2013. Every year road shows helps us to attract many students to study at Centennial College. We are looking forward to West Road show 2014."

Jon Barret,
School Director | Kaplan PLI / Canada

"I wanted to thank you and all your colleagues for a great roadshow. Also it was really nice to visit your office in Moscow. This is the first time I took part in any of your events and it was wonderfully and professionally organized and a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with you in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. Fingers crossed for lots more students to all our schools around the world and of course to our schools in Canada. "

Natalia Nosova,
Regional Manager, Russia and Baltic / Embassy English

"Thank you for the professional organisation of the events: road show and the seminars. It was and absolute pleasure to take part in. I participated for the first time and find the events both very professional and efficient. I am confident it will bring fruitful results."

Polina Slepukhina,
Marketing Services Representative / Thompson Rivers University (TRU)

"On behalf of TRU team I would like to thank Students International for another round of great events in 2013. One more time we enjoyed the great organization and service delivered by SI team. I always know what I am going to get when participating in SI Roadshows and over many years, its always been - good quality over quantity and definitely very well prepared students, who know exactly what to expect from education in Canada."

Robert Sozanski,
Senior International Officer / University of West London / UK

"It was a pleasure meeting you for the first time. Please pass my warm thanks on to all your colleagues involved in organising the roadshow.I really enjoyed my time in Russia and was overwhelmed with warm reception. They were great and very accommodating."

Natalia Volchugova,
Market Development Manager / Cambridge Education Group / UK

"It was a great pleasure for me and Dr. Charles Clark, the principal of CATS Academy Boston to take part in Far East Russia Road Show. The educational fairs in Vladivostok, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk that we took part in were well organised and productive. Students International is a highly trusted partner of Cambridge Education Group and we look forward to the future events together. "

Suzanne Vella & Keith Zammit,

"This was the first SI Roadshow for me personally but not for ACE English Malta who has been participating in a number of SI Roadshows for many years. I was very impressed with the hospitality of Students International and the general organisation of the whole event. The prospective students that I met were all very serious and asked for relevant information on all courses. We look forward to a continued collaboration with the SI Team. Thank you again and roll on next year."

Rowan Courtney-O’Connor,
Managing Director / ICMS ASPIRE / Australia

"On the road Its often said that you aren’t a university representative until you’ve been on an SI road show, start to finish. Im here to say that ive been lucky enough to participate in these events and am a better person for it. Not only is SI well respected amongst global institutions but it also resinates with local schools and educational establishments in their cooperation and willingness to participate in SI events, this is a clear sign that they’ve created something special. On behalf of ICMS I would like to thank all SI personal for many great road shows and I look forward to continuing the relationship for many years to come. Now it’s time for the third toast…"

Takashi Brandon Miyaki,
Educational Specialist / Kapi’olani Community College / USA

"Aloha SI staff, I was very pleased with the fair in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. I had a chance to speak to good number of potential students. Since this is my first time college fair I have done in Russia. I would like to come back again. And after all Hawaii is the closest US state from these cities. I hope to see many Russian students study hard/surf in Hawaii"

Ms. Kate Lyapustina,
International Outreach Coordinator /Berkeley College / USA

"This was the first time that Berkeley College participated in SI Vladivostok fair, and it turned out to be a great decision. The fair was organized on a high level and attended by highly motivated serious candidates. SI organizers keep the number of participants small, take great care of their participants and have our best interests in mind at all times. Also, they provide you with an opportunity to hold a seminar for students interested in higher education in your country. Thank you for an excellent opportunity to promote USA education in Russia."

Anna Barvinska,
Regional Manager - Europe, Seneca College, Canada

"Yet another year The Western and The Far East Roadshows organized by Students International have turned out to be a great success for Seneca College. SI is a great team of professionals, who continue to exceed everyone's expectations year after year.
Thank you for an exceptionally well put together Roadshow 2013!"

Bruce Wilson,
Manager International Centre, Fanshawe College, Canada

''Fanshawe College is very impressed with the organization of the SI Road Shows. Good locations, great organization, good student prospects.
Provides access to cities that are not on the usual list of cities to recruit. SI has provided very good follow-up and support during and after the fairs.''

Robin Adams,
President / Managing Director, Global Village, Canada

"Your outstanding organizational skills made this the best Roadshow ever and that is high praise. Looking forward to working with you again soon!"

Alla Bolgova,
Executive Business Development, Dyna Speak, New Zealand

"DynaSpeak принимала участие в выставке «Образование за рубежом»-2013 в городах Российского Дальнего Востока далеко не впервые, поездка на подобные мероприятия – наша старая, добрая традиция. В этом году мы добавили Сибирь в лице славного города Красноярска и остались очень довольны своим решением: этот регион, наряду с Дальним Востоком, стал сегментом рынка, который очень привлекателен для нас с точки зрения продвижения школы и рекрутинга студентов. Прекрасной возможностью продвигать эту программу стало участие в организованной Students International образовательной выставке: в беседе с прямым клиентом можно живо рассказать о преимуществах и достоинтвах твоей школы и предлагаемой программы – спасибо уважаемой компании Students International за такой уникальный шанс! А резко возросшее количество заявок от студентов – яркое доказательство дружбы, доброго сотрудничества DynaSpeak и Students International и неоспоримой пользы от участия в подобных образовательных выставках! "

Joseph Cochrane,
Marketing Executive, Centre of English Studies, Ireland

"The SI Roadshow is my favourite event on the calendar. It’s very well run and organised, the other participants are always so friendly, the students we meet in each city are serious what else can I say…."

Anna Barvinska,
Regional Manager, Seneca College, Canada

"Please accept my gratitude on behalf of Seneca College for the professional preparation and exceptional performance of the SI Road Shows. SI Team has by far exceeded my expectations in terms of how well-planned and thought-out the program of the Road Shows was. Once again, I would like to thank you and I will be looking forward to join the Road Shows next year."

Tim Clarke,
Senior Coordinator, University of Toronto, Canada

''I would just like to say thank you for another incredibly successful RoadShow! This was my first time in the Far East, and I'm sure it won't be my last! I was amazed by the amount of interest from students, and of course all the organization from the SI staff as usual!''

Kate Tarrant,
Executive director, Phoenix Academy, Australia

"Firstly - The organisation of the road show was excellent, everything was extremely well planned and implemented .
The quality of student enquiry was very high, most seemed very clear about what they wanted to study, especially in Khabarovsk
The social aspects of the roadshow were also excellent and a great way to relax and network with the other exhibitors - a great mix of work and play.
The level of support from the roadshow team was exceptional, always on hand to help with any little query or problem. "

Alexander Prokopenko,
International Business Development Manager, Sheridan Institute of Technology, Canada

"We took part in several SI Road Shows (both West and East) in 2011 and 2012. We view this not only as an opportunity to recruit Russian students but also as an occasion to forge stronger ties with a great partner in Russia. SI Team has been outstanding in all aspects of student recruitment in Russia’s regions – fair organization, prospect screening, follow up, advising and enrolment."

Mary Richardson,
Business Development Manager, Murdoch Institute of Technology, Australia

"Thank you to SI for organising this wonderful Roadshow to show case the Far East. Murdoch Institute of Technology visited 3 cities, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakalinsk and Khabarovsk. It was a wonderful event and cultural experience and delightful to meet Russian people in their homeland and experience your wonderful culture and cuisine. SI staff could not have been more caring and painstaking in their event organisation, promotion and ensuring that the visitors from Australia, New Zealand and Canada were totally taken care of. We now look forward to the follow up and look forward to welcoming your Russian students to Perth"

James Wei,
Director of International Recruitment, Kaplan Global Pathways, USA

"Kaplan International has been in partnership with Student International many years now and have enjoyed a wonderful cooperation with the SI team. We participate on their recruitment events every year throughout Russia, and find the events very well organized and highly professional with a touch of local culture and flair. Most of all, the events generate exposure to our organization and our partners, as well as bring in qualified candidates to our program."

Amy Mason,
Sales Area Executive, Eurocentres

"This is now the second year that I have attended the SI Western Road show. Not only was it great fun and a good opportunity to meet and spend time with some of the SI staff, but it was also very well organised, with the fairs being well attended by quality students"

Jodie Varney,
Short Course Registrar, Abbey College, United Kingdom

"Following the SI Roadshow earlier this year I would just like to congratulate you on another successful event! It was my first time experience of an SI Roadshow and I was very impressed with the excellent organisation and the hard work and dedication shown by all of your staff. I was looked after extremely well and thoroughly enjoyed myself! The quality of students attending the fairs was very good and I certainly hope to be joining you again in the future! Thankyou for everything!"

Rowan Hinton,
Director, Bond College and BUELI, Australia

"The SI roadshow is one of the best I have been on because it is so well organised, it is a great bunch of people and a whole lot of fun! The events are well attended and well run, with high quality students coming along to choose a study destination. We get many students from the event so it productive for us in promoting Bond University on the Gold Coast as an exotic study destination for Russian students wishing to escape the cold!"

Richard Brown,
Managing Director, Browns English Language School, Australia

"Extremely well organised, professional, enjoyable and good quality prospective students attended all the events"

Paul Delaney,
Sales Director, EAC

“As always, Students International organised some of the best fairs in the industry during the 2012 Western Roadshow. It being the first time that EAC has attended the fairs, I am sure that we are going to see some great results this summer and into the future. The location of the fairs, the venues used, the accommodation and the social events were all of the highest standard and I look forward to attending many more Roadshows in the future. Once again, many thanks to the hard-working and dedicated SI team.”

Chris Hogg,
Associate Director International Student Recruitment, Curtin University, Australia

"This was only the second time for Curtin University to participate in the Western part of the SI Roadshow and the first time for me personally. We took part in Volgograd & Rostov-on-Don. The attendance at both events was excellent – particularly at Rostov-on-Don which showed Russian students had a strong interest in taking advantages of opportunities to speak with representatives from English Colleges and Universities around the world. As the only representative from an Australian institution in Perth, Western Australia, I was particularly pleased to see Australia gaining a reputation as a popular alternative destination for a quality university education that will enhance career prospects of Russian students studying abroad. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the translators SI arranged for Curtin. As always, SI hospitality is legendary as they do their best to make their events an enjoyable & rewarding experience for both students and institution representatives. The location in Rostov-on-Don was particularly attractive for both students & exhibitors – if I could offer my suggestions for 1 improvement in future, it would be for a warmer venue in Volgograd for the odd Australian who may struggle in the conditions."

Richard Kensington,
Academic Registrar, ACG, New Zealand, Chairmen NZREN

"I have had the opportunity to participate in many Road Shows arranged by Students International in Siberia, the Far East and in Moscow. I have always been impressed by the quality of the fair, the large number of informed visitors who are actively interested in learning about study options in NZ, many have lead to applications. Students International and ACG have a long history of partnership; SI is the main recruitment agent for us in Russia. The quality of the applications, the degree of support provided and the follow up provided to their students post arrival is outstanding."

Susan Olszynko,
Manager , International Marketing and Student Recruitment, Algonquin College, Canada

"Students International Road Show was a tremendous success and a wonderful opportunity to get to know the people of Russia. The school visits and fairs were well organized. The highlight for me was having the opportunity to visit schools and talk with students about Canada. Russian students were enthusiastic and had lots of questions. The cultural events organized by Students International were amazing. The whole experience was great and I took some wonderful memories home with me."

Dean Mc Callum,
International Marketing, PIHMS, New Zealand

"Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) has been involved regularly in the Students International (SI) Road Shows both in the Western and Far East of Russia for the past 5-6 years and has seen the exhibitions grows to what has now become a popular and well attended event. The events are well organized and provide an excellent opportunity for not only talk to students and partners but visit schools and Universities. The Road Show also gives participants an ideal opportunity to experience Russian culture through day trips and evening events, and I would highly recommend the Road Shows as an excellent avenue for recruiting Russians students."

Pat Powell,
Regional Marketing Manager, GEOS International Colleges Oceania

"The Students International Roadshows are extremely organized in the most professional manner-from arrival to departure all aspects of travel, accommodation, meals (entertainment too) are arranged. The exhibitions in each city are excellent. Prior to the exhibitions there are a variety of different forms of advertising to ensure a high quality of clients who attend the exhibitions. The SI team from each city employs superb interpreters for each institution…their level of English and Russian is wonderful and most have experienced travel abroad. In addition to this the SI local office staff have a table to direct clients as well as the highly experienced and trained SI head office staff who can answer all questions from travel , visas and additional pathway options. Anyone wishing to expand their Russian student market can ensure that Students International will assist you to do so…so I highly recommend the SI Roadshows in the different zones in Russia and the surrounding countries"

Patrick Ibbertson,
Director, Dynaspeak English, New Zealand

"Russia could be daunting, but SI took us there. Across the vast country we felt a nation's heartbeat. From the beauty of Lake Baikal to the splendours of Moscow, everything was outstanding. With SI you'll go beyond marketing to meet genuine, hospitable people and explore the country's heritage."

Magdalena Link,
Marketing Director, ILAC, Canada

"The Students International Road Shows are the most interesting and productive students recruitment fairs. SI has also the most experienced and professional staff, who understand the business aspect of this industry, but are also extremely innovating being always the first at what they do. The staff is warm, extremely helpful and the Road Shows are really one of a kind, entering into new territory in Russia and Siberia, and staying out of the already "congested" cities."

Grant Hubbard,
Chief Executive Officer, University of Otago Foundation Studies Limited, New Zealand

"Student International exhibitions are some of the best of I have been involved in during my ten years of student recruitment. The SI team are committed to providing quality service to not only the institutions but also to the students and this is why we value our relationship with SI. "

Garth and Jan Keppie,
AICOL, Australia

"I have participated in SI exhibitions in the Russian Far East on more than one occasion. SI staff have always taken good care of me, and have ensured that my visits to Russia are memorable and never dull! I have developed good friendships with SI staff in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, and met with many hundreds of potential students at trade shows organised by SI. If you wish to recruit students from the Russian Far East then you should definitely consider joining an SI education exhibition tour. "

Robert Parsonson,
Director, Education Export Services EDEX

"I have been participating in Students International road shows since 1998 - The exhibitions are always professionally run, well advertised and attended. Students International has offices in the cities where they exhibit so proper follow up with the students and parents can take place. For education institutions thinking of entering or expanding their Russian market Students International can assist."

Larissa Merz,
Marketing, Languages International Auckland & Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

"Thank you for organising such a successful and well run Road Show in 2006. I really enjoyed the trip and found it very useful in many ways. You looked after us very well and it was great fun, too!"

Mike Henniger,
Director, International Marketing TRU World

"Students International provides excellent service to the students they recruit for Thompson Rivers University. The students are well prepared for their education experience in Canada and know what to expect after they have arrived. Thanks to SI we have seen a significant increase in our student numbers from Russia and the region and we look forward to working with SI in the future."

Farnaaz Mohammed,
Marketing Manager, The University of Auckland English Language Academy, New Zealand

"For the last two years, I have attended education exhibitions organised by Students International through the Far East. I have found the exhibitions to be of great value in terms of the calibre of the students, the professional way the exhibitions are conducted and the opportunities to present at local colleges and universities. SI has a great team of professional and knowledgeable individuals who do an outstanding job counselling and advising students and parents. I would recommend anyone to attend their exhibitions in Russia."

Robin Adams,
President/Managing Director, Global Village English Centres, Canada

"I participated in the Students International Far East Roadshow from October 1 - October 5, 2009. The fair was professionally organized and managed; every possible detail had been planned and the SI staff were exceptionally helpful in assisting my navigation throughout the Far East of Russia.
GV will definitely participate in future SI roadshows as they provide a wonderful opportunity to have a better understanding of not only the students needs, but also to meet the front line sales representatives at the various offices in the SI network."

Adam Bambrick,
Manager - International Relations, Queensland Institute of Business and Technology , Australia

"I have just returned from my first SI Roadshow in Eastern Russia on behalf of Navitas Worldwide. Participation in the SI roadshows is an important part of our marketing strategy in Russia. The exhibitions were a great success not only for recruitment but the entire delegation of representatives were made feel very welcome by the SI team, we worked hard and we played hard!"

Isabelle Bristow,
International Sales and Recruitment Manager, Kaplan International Colleges and Kaplan Holborn College, Great Britain

"The East Russia Road Show in which I took part was not only great fun, it was also a very productive experience. The exhibitions were well attended, and the whole trip was very well organized. The SI staff really took care of us and made sure they directed appropriate enquiries to each delegate. I look forward to attending again"

Gabriella Scali,
University Placement Officer, Pacific Language Institute, Canada

"I recently participated in my first SI Roadshow and it was a great success! The staff at SI is incredibly professional, organized and hospitable and they truly made the experience a memorable one. Having the opportunity to speak to so many Russian students who are interested in improving their English and studying abroad was a wonderful experience and I look forward to attending more SI recruitment events in the future!"

Shamim Ghani,
Channel Account Manager, UTS:INSEARCH

"UTS:INSEARCH have been working with Students International for over a decade and we have an excellent working relationship. This is due to the professional service SI provides to our students and ensures that the process which the students are required to go through, is smooth and efficient. We have a successful partnership that has seen a large number of Russian students graduate with us and successfully go onto courses at the University of Technology Sydney.
I anticipate our relationship growing over the coming years and I look forward to working with SI for many more intakes to come. I would like to thank the team for all the hard work they put into the Road Shows each year and look forward to a mutually fruitful 2010!"

Kevin Newsome,
International Student Recruiter, SAIT Polytechnic, Canada

"I have participated in 2 SI Roadshows and they have always been the best organized both for bringing top quality students and logistically. The staff in all the offices are warm and professional and know their stuff. It is always a pleasure working with them and are always part of our recruitment plans."

Mark Herringer,
Director, International Marketing

"I have participated in two SI Roadshows and am planning on my third. The SI Roadshows make it possible for Malaspina to access segments of the Russian market which otherwise would be very difficult to recruit from. The results are promising, and we anticipate that the SI Roadshows will become a regular part of our recruitment efforts in Russia."

Kristina Khodina,
Area Manager, ALPINE CENTER, Greece, Switzerland

"It has been a great pleasure to participate in all the Roadhsows I took part in. I would like to thank SI team for a perfect organization and all the efforts to make the stay very pleasant and smooth in a very friendly atmosphere! Hope for successful results and a good feedback for everyone!"

Yelena Kulatunga,
Team leader, University of Auckland, New Zealand

"I have been attending SI shows every year since 2003. I was impressed with the professionalism of organisation of the fairs and friendliness of the SI staff, especially Andrey Mikheev who was looking after participants/institutions really well"


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St. Schipok, 20
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